"I help" statements are out. Here's what's IN instead....

A 3-day workshop that will give you everything you need to create and curate your Value, Vision, and Mission Statements.

You see them all over the place on social. "I help xyz to reach abc," or "I help this-oddly-specific-audience achieve this-oddly-specific-thing." These statements only SKIM the surface of the value you provide to your audience, and, to be blunt, they feel incredibly disingenuous and inauthentic to you AND your audience.

"I help" statements are a good first step for identifying your audience and how you serve them, but to truly stand out, you need Value, Vision, and Mission Statements.

By the end of this live workshop you will have everything you need for complete clarity on your values, vision, and mission statements AND the action steps for speaking to your audience in a way that resonates every time (and generates more money in your pockets). 

Or, put another way, these three key statements are an intimate sneak peek into what it's like working with you and puts the attention on what matters to you and, ultimately, to your clients as well. Because when a client resonates with your values, vision, or mission, and sees themselves in what you offer, you don't have to try nearly as hard to sell yourself.

Normal price for this training would be $497 but for this week you can join for just $97.

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