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Walk Away With The Top 3 Data Points You Can Start Tracking Now For Immediate Impact.

Understanding the top metrics, setting achievable goals and KPIs, tools for data collection and analysis, and turning insights into actionable strategies.

"Businesses are failing, no one is seeing success", have you heard something like that? Lately, it feels like everywhere you turn someone is closing their business or struggling to keep their digital doors open.

Fact is, heresay and speculation isn't actually that useful.
You know what is useful? Data. And understanding your data is the magic potion to greater impact and success.
Insights-to-Action is right for you if...

You've gotten into the habit of just posting and ghosting, "Oh, my post flopped, I wonder why? [Shrug]"

The Insights and Analytics pages are definitely written in a foreign language and you have no idea what any of it means, let alone what you need to be tracking.

Speaking of 'tracking', what does that even mean

Data? Who's that? Don't know her. 

In all seriousness, up until this point you've known there were secrets buried in the treasure map of your data, but you've been struggling with deciphering the key to figuring it all out. And so you've just... avoided the page altogether. And maybe you are tracking the likes and comments on your social posts, or you can clearly see how many people are unsubscribing from your emails, but you're feeling completely stuck on what to do with any of this information.

If you're tired of screaming into the abyss and getting utterly frustrated at figuring out the secret code that seems to be your data, Insights-to-Action is the place to start. 

At just 40-minutes, we'll be in and out quickly so that you can confidently begin tracking the top 3 data points for immediate impact. 

Meet Your Coach: Aly Sanger, owner Supremely You

I'm not a typical "coach." TBH, I don't call myself just a coach because what I offer is so much deeper. I'm a firm believer that there is more than one way to do business and there's no such thing as one size fits all strategy. In fact, my client's can attest to that as well. 

When we work together, I'm not here to just tell you how I did it. Instead, I want to pull back the curtain and help you uncover the best way for YOU to do it. My clients have achieved both the confidence to show up and the financial success that comes with doing so, but what lights me up the most is witnessing badass women doing badass things and finally stepping into the shoes of an emboldened entrepreneur + CEO.

Learn more over on the About page here.

Professional Experience: Bachelors in Creative Writing (minor Psychology), Masters in Marketing, Project Management Certification, Web Design + Development Certification, User Experience Certification, Social Media Management Certification, Coaching Certification from IIN. 15+ years in the Marketing space as freelance copywriter and SMM. 10 years in corporate, technology industry as Technical Writer.

What can you expect at the end of the Insights to Action masterclass?
Here's a few things clients have gotten so far...

Clarity On Their Metrics & Insights ✓

Less Time Staring At The Insights Page Struggling To Understand ✓

Confidence In Their Decision Making Because They KNOW
What's Working And What's Not Working  ✓

An Actionable Game Plan ✓

Time & Sanity Back (While Making MORE Profit) ✓

Let's Make Magic Data Together

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